What Is Viome?

We are a team of leading physicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs. As a team of experts, you can depend on Viome to bring you cutting-edge technology to improve your health. So, what does Viome actually do, and how can we help?

What Is the Purpose of Viome?

Viome's mission is to help individuals everywhere to gain control of their health and wellness. By harnessing the most up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge technology, Viome strives to bring the future to healthcare.

Today, scientists have recognized that there is a clear link between the function of your gut organisms and your overall health. This revolutionary concept allows us all to take greater control and responsibility for our wellness over time. By taking steps to determine the underlying cause of an imbalance, we can put changes in practice to change our lives for the better. With analyzed personal data, it is possible to identify how your microbes are behaving and how to optimize your gut's ecosystem with food. Viome is leading the way by pioneering a new approach to this scientific breakthrough.

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How does Viome Work?

The science harnessed by Viome involves two advanced technologies: Artificial intelligence and metatranscriptomic sequencing technology.
Viome's AI engine is capable of running multiple data analyses across an enormous information database. Peer-reviewed scientific literature of the highest quality, biological testing, customer feedback, and expert scientific knowledge work together. These combine in a highly effective system for training and educating Vie, Viome's AI engine. This artificial intelligence allows Viome to identify patterns and determine which foods and supplements will optimize your microbiome

Viome Analyzes the Function of The Gut Microbiome

All living organisms have DNA that produce molecules of RNA. We sequence the RNA inside the sample we receive from you. By doing this, it is possible to quantify and identify the microorganisms living in your gut and their function- which is key. These include viruses, parasites, yeast, fungi, archaea, bacteria, and bacteriophages at the strain and species levels. As a result, we can obtain the highest possible resolution view of the gut microbiome in your body.

It’s important to identify the microorganisms residing in your gut. However, it’s even more important to understand how they function. Gut microbes produce countless metabolites that have an effect on wellness. Are your microbes producing nutrients that your body needs right now or are they producing toxins and causing inflammation?

By analyzing the genes that microbes express, we can identify which metabolites they produce – in other words, we can determine their role in your body’s ecosystem. By following Viome’s diet and lifestyle recommendations, a person can fine-tune the function of their gut microbiome to minimize production of harmful metabolites and maximize the production of beneficial ones.

Is Viome Different from Other Companies Analyzing the Gut Microbiome?

These days, several companies offer gut microbiome testing. However, Viome remains the only one with the ability to analyze all of the organisms in your gut and offer personalized nutrition and diet recommendations intended to optimize your gut ecosystem. 

What Can Viome's Recommendations Do For My Gut Microbiome?

  • Stimulate the production of healthy nutrients
  • Increase microbiome diversity.
  • Minimize the production of toxins.
  • Identify the optimal ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins for you to consume each day.
  • Recommending a diet that will enable you to maintain and achieve a healthy body weight.
  • Optimize absorption and digestion.
  • Minimize inflammation.
  • Stimulating beneficial metabolite production.
  • Identifying prebiotics that are able to increase beneficial metabolites and microbes.
  • Identifying foods that offer optimal compatibility with your unique metabolism.
  • Recommending a diet to increase well-being, focus, and energy levels.
  • Identify beneficial bacteria that are currently missing in the microbiome .

When you choose Viome for gut microbiome testing, you can be confident that your recommendations are personalized just for you. Optimal health is in your reach and our goal is to get you there. Trust the process and feel confident in recommendations backed by science. No more guesswork. No more fad diets. Find the diet that works for you.