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Can I Fail A Microbiome Test?

The health of your gut has a key role to play in overall wellness. It can affect the immune system, nervous system, skin, and your brain. As scientists learn more about the microbiome, the more they come to realize that finding balance is essential. We can help you find out what is going on inside your gut microbiome and identify what dietary changes can benefit your optimize your gut ecosystem.

Which Elements Affect the Gut?

There are many reasons why so many of us have a gut imbalance. The standard American diet, poor quality of sleep, chemical exposure, travel, and chronic stress are just some of the reasons.  When our gut microbiome isn't balanced, our body can't absorb nutrients properly. So, what can you do about it? Food is medicine. Finding out what foods are optimal for your body right now to address this imbalance is key. If you want to know how the food you eat is is affecting your health, get your biome tested!

The Importance of Personalization

At one time, there was an approach of “one size fits all” in medicine. However, more recently, science has focused on what truly makes us unique. While we humans share more than 99% of our DNA, tremendous diversity exists among us when it comes to our unique gut microbiome. Thanks to the different makeup of our microbiomes, different foods will affect us all in a different way. Food that makes one person feel ill can make another feel energized and healthy. A medication that works well for one individual will fail to work for another. For this reason, there is an increasing drive toward a more personalized approach to health. Viome can help someone take the step towards a more personalized way forward.

Everyone has his or her own unique gut flora in its own unique balance. With our Gut Intelligence Test, you get an accurate snapshot of your own gut health and a nutrition plan to meet your needs. While one person may need to eat more kale or sauerkraut, another may need to avoid them entirely. When you have access to this personalized information, you can improve your wellness exponentially.

Is Microbiome Testing A Pass/Fail Test?

A microbiome test is not something you fail or pass. In fact, the word “test” in this respect is somewhat of a misnomer. The purpose of Viome’s test is to pinpoint which foods are working with your body (or against it) right now so you can improve your wellness. The results can show you where YOU can make improvements to your diet without relying on a search engine or a fad diet. You can also use the results to help tailor a diet and nutrition program that meets your individual requirements. Since everyone has a different microbiome makeup, there can be no such thing as a pass or a fail. Your gut is always changing and foods that you may want to avoid right now may become your superfoods in a few months. 

Changing Your Lifestyle

When you take Viome's gut biome test, you’ll receive information to help you change your lifestyle for the better. You’ll find out how you can increase your microbiome’s diversity and increase the beneficial metabolites being produced. You’ll also learn how to minimize the production of metabolites that are causing you inflammation. When you have a Viome gut biome test, you’ll find out which foods work best for you. You will optimize your digestion, and this will enable you to absorb foods more effectively. You’ll not only be able to maintain a healthy body weight, but you’ll also feel more energetic and focused. 

Choosing the Viome Gut Intelligence Test

There are a number of gut microbiome testing companies out there today. However, Viome offers a unique gut biome test that harnesses the latest technology. Thanks to the cutting-edge techniques used by Viome, you can see a more accurate picture of your gut health. The results are precise and detailed, and they allow you to make key changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Viome is leading the way in gut testing. You’ll receive your comprehensive results directly on your app or desktop that shows you the organisms in your gut, your personal scores, and your nutrition recommendations. This is above and beyond what other gut tests can offer. We see what’s actually happening in your gut. By following your recommendations for 90 days, you’ll be in a better position to maintain or move into a healthy body weight. You’ll also be well-positioned to be more focused and energetic. When you put in place the the foods we recommend, you'll be optimizing your food absorption and digestion in the most effective way. 

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